App + Idea

when Application Development and Idea are blended

Forward Thinking

We are an innovative, forward thinking and technology company driven by passionate people pursuing creative projects. Our core culture encourages a blend of mind, body, and spirit through exercise, healthy food, and a balance of work and play as well as accountability and personal responsibility within the company, the community, and the environment.



Engineering at Appidea is not just about writing world-class code. We also like to talk about innovation products and service we're doing, and to share information about the projects and products we're working on.


Professional & Collaboration 
Take Business To The Next level.

We envision to become the best, one stop solution for all mobile, web and IoT application development needs. Not only best design and develop great mobile, web and IoT applications, we follow it with app marketing strategies to give you a complete range of services.

Solid Background

Shape your future project with sharp design and refine coded functions.


User Interface

A good app must come with a well user journey experience. We believe that a good app must come with a well user journey experience and thus the UX/UI understandable is so crucial to our design team.



Good app shouldn’t too complicate but communicate directly to the function with less tons of click
Good app shouldn’t too complicate. We prefer an app that communicate directly to the function that user would like to use rather than taking a tons of click prior to reach to the point.


A Tailored Made App

There’s never have any one app fit all in the industry. Each application has been designed to reply to the expectation and requirement for user and thus we develop app for such purpose.

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